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In order for your student to participate in the Science Alliance Program, you must have registered and participate in one of our Virtual Parent Informational Meetings.
Click here to register: September 14 - 7pm or September 15 - 7pm

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Registration opens Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 7pm


Science Alliance is an after-school program available in all SRVUSD high schools created to pair curious and motivated fifth grade students (buddies) with high school students (mentors).  The mentor will encourage and guide their buddy on a journey of science and methodical inquiry, under the careful guidance of a credentialed teacher at one of the high schools.  Science Alliance helps prepare the fifth graders for middle school lab science and teaches positive role-modeling skills to high school mentors. 
The year-long journey includes six buddy-mentor meetings, interesting lessons and learning opportunities.  The program concludes with a district-wide science fair to be held in March where buddies share the project that they worked on throughout the program.  The program has been widely recognized as helping to prepare both fifth graders and high school students for future success.

Program Details:

  • Meetings will be via Zoom with breakout rooms
  • Work will be assigned and submitted through Google Classroom
  • Zoom Meeting Dates: Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 14, Jan 25, Feb 22, Mar 22
  • Ages: 5th Grade ONLY
  • District Science Fair: (Tentitive Plans Due to Covid-19) March 27 at 9 am to 3 pm (High School or Zoom)

Registration fee covers:

  • Science Alliance T-shrt
  • Digital Binder and resources on Google Classroom
  • Science Fair certificate and prizes
  • Talks by real life scientists
  • Stipend for Science Alliance teacher/advisors
  • Fun learning experience and guided scientific enrichment with high school mentor

Registration will open on Wednesday, September 16 at 7 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you to all the 5th graders who participated in last year’s SRVEF Science Alliance program. We had 214 5th graders who registered across the district and over 200 high school mentors together with Science Alliance club officers who made the program possible.

We are pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Virtual Science Fair winners:

First Place Winners:

Sharanya Roy - Sight vs. Sound
Samraat Chauhan - Awesome Rockets!!

Second Place Winners:

Sachika Kamath - CUBEIT
Sahaana Vasudevan - Soil Erosion in Action

Third Place Winners:

Moksha Pedaballi - Lights and Heights
Ayaan Krishnan - Various liquids vs pH of pond water


Deen Kapadia - Rolling Sky
Trevor Lee - The Sun's Energy Varies Depending on the Time of Day
Shaurya Chauhan - What is the best way to keep cut flowers fresh?
Aditi Vinapamula - When Plants Feed Plants
Aman Katepally - The Elements Of Football
Aashvi Singh - Vitamin C of Oranges in Different Temperature Conditions

Honorable Mentions:

Vishal Krishnaraj - Effects of different liquids on plant growth
Varun Bidhurakanthu - Plant Power
Abby Lau - Which Liquid Makes the Gummy Bears Grow the Biggest?
Michael Myint - What makes your car go?
Nicholas Huang - Light It Up
Arya Mapara - How Salty To Be!
Max Burgess - Does Soda Affect How High a Water Rocket Flies
Kaitlyn Chew - Sweet Science
Kai Grondona - Do Plant's Roots Grow Toward the Sound of Water
Anika Prasad - Does water temperature affect Jell-O?
Jake Kwok - Does the surface of a rubber band car’s track affect its speed?
Jeyavanth Subhash - There is Acid in the Rain!

We appreciate the support of our Science Fair judges:

  • Gary Alpert
  • Jim Felton
  • Rachel Hurd
  • Sri Sundar

A big Thank You to our Science Alliance advisors:

  • Minu Basu
  • Shirley Darroch
  • Karen Dennis
  • Bryan Jensen
  • Matthew Robison

High School Science Alliance Clubs

California High School
Dougherty Valley High School
Monte Vista High School
San Ramon Valley High School

Science Alliance Presentation