SRVEF is Proud to Offer Three Major Grant Initiatives to SRVUSD SchoolsThanks to the outpouring of support for the annual Run for Education as well as generous donations from local companies and individuals, the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation is once again able to offer educator and school grants to support the staff and students of the San Ramon Valley School District. This year there are three unique grant opportunities, Educator Grants, Music Grants and Science Grants totaling more than $150,000. The window to apply for grants will open on Tuesday, August 1 and close on Sunday, September 17, 2017.

Educator Grants supported by the Run for EducationApply for up to $1000 at!
The Foundation is partnering with for the application process this year.  Full time credentialed staff (or two educators sharing one full time position) may apply for SRVEF grants up to $1000, one grant per individual. Grants in all subject areas will be considered, including field trips, special visitors, and professional development. Technologies for student use (Chrome Books, iPads, laptops) are excluded in this grant cycle as those are being funded through SRVEF’s technology initiative. To stretch the grant dollars and to fund more grants this year, upon application, grant applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding from citizen donors (parents, friends, family).

Science Grants Supported By Local DonorsApply for up to $5000 HERE!
The SRVEF Major Gifts and Endowment Committee, supported by local citizen donations, is sponsoring grants for long-term innovative science activities/programs that promote student science learning and staff professional development. The goal of all proposals should be increasing student interest, experiences and success in science. Objectives may be accomplished through activities such as participation in RAFT training, recruitment and management of secondary school faculty in the CCC Science Fair, new modules for Imagineering, teacher/student science conferences, or other long-term innovative educational ideas.  

Music Grant supported by local donorsApply for up to $5000 HERE! 
The SRVEF Major Gifts and Endowment Committee is also promoting long-term innovative music activities/programs that enhance student music learning and staff professional development. The goal of all proposals should be increased student access to as well as interest and success in learning music. The individual grants will be funded up to $5,000.

Educators are encouraged to submit funding requests on for classroom materials and experiences that will meet student needs, inspire classroom innovation, and enhance the learning environment for students in SRVUSD. is a nonprofit organization that connects public school educators in need of classroom materials and experiences with donors who want to help.

Submit your project as soon as possible for the best chance at full funding! To get started, read through the Grant Criteria below to ensure your project is eligible for this offer then visit to start your project today.


  • You must be a certified educator working at a K-12 public school and employed by SRVUSD (San Ramon Valley Unified School District). Educators who team-teach a class are eligible.
  • If you team-teach a class, please outline that classroom structure in your project essay.
  • Projects submitted in all subject areas will be considered.
  • Only requests submitted between 8/1/17 and 9/17/17 will be considered.
  • SRVEF will select only one project per educator and will fund projects with a total cost of up to $1,000. Educators are welcome to submit multiple grant requests but only one project will be funded by SRVEF.
  • Posting an eligible project does not guarantee funding.
  • Projects related to field trip projects, special visitors, and professional development are permitted.
  • Educators are advised to consult the SRVUSD policies on the purchase of materials and equipment, specifically those related to classroom technology, prior to making a funding request. (
  • Technology similar to those included in the SRVEF 2016-17 technology initiative will be ineligible for funding in this grant cycle (Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, or such devices for student use).
  • Per Ed Code, if a grant request is for 10+ books of the same title, the educator must work with Educational Services to have Board approval for the curriculum materials. 
  • Grants approved will have materials shipped to the SRVUSD warehouse and routed to the appropriate schools.

SRVUSD Guidelines:The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation will be piloting a new educator grants process this year that will be done through the Donor’s Choose platform. The San Ramon Valley Unified School District would like to use this opportunity to remind staff of a few protocols related to using Donors Choose or similar tools.

  • When fundraising for technology, you must use the SRVUSD School Technology Ordering Guide to identify specific items you are fundraising for. Please see the section for Donors Choose to guide you in selecting the correct devices that are supported.
  • Projectors are not eligible for purchase as they require significant installation costs - they can be requested via Site Improvement Form.
  • SRVUSD does not support the installation or maintenance of equipment that is not listed in the SRVUSD School Technology Ordering Guide.
  • Equipment that does not meet SRVUSD standards will need to be returned.
  • All equipment orders should be routed through normal warehouse receiving to be tagged.
  • While acting as an employee of SRVUSD, all donations received through Donors Choose become the property of the District. Upon principal approval, teachers may take equipment with them to a new school if they change assignments.
  • If a teacher leaves the District, the technology stays with the last school where the teacher worked.


  • Educators can begin submitting projects on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.
  • Last day to submit projects is Sunday, September 17, 2017. 
  • All Educators submitting a grant by the September 17 deadline will be notified of funding results by email when their project is fully funded.  All submitters will be notified by October 30th of their funding status.
Your Guide to SuccessDonors Choose Educator Grants
These Donors Chooseoutreach slides provide an overview of their organization, as well as a step-by-step look at submitting a project.
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